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Marvel Multispeciality Hospital

We at Marvel Multispeciality Hospital believe in educating our staff and patients on the latest state-of-the-art technology and innovations. We will provide you with a variety of resources at your disposal, so you become better assisted with the infertility world.
We take pride in the belief “patient comes first”. We strive to provide you with the best fertility care, from sustaining the highest medical and scientific standards to supporting you in every phase of your parenthood.

We custom design our fertility treatments here at Marvel Multispeciality Hospital. Each individual’s protocol is specially designed to ensure that he is receiving the highest quality care. We monitor this via blood testing and required tests.
Our treatment regimen mostly includes minimal stimulation so that we give a gentle and more physiologically supportive experience.

Marvel Multispeciality Hospital monitors and adjusts treatment protocols to nurture your body’s highest quality eggs, increasing the success rate of IVF. We are committed to bringing the best futuristic IVF treatment today. We understand that each patient is different, and so are their needs, which means the treatment plan for IVF will also vary depending upon the patient.

Our long experience with minimal stimulation IVF has given us deep insights about the customisation plan. We also understand the quality of fertility care will affect the outcomes of your pregnancy- that’s why we tend to implement an approach that considers your both physical and emotional state.