Janani Trichy Fertility Centre

We at Janani Trichy Fertility centre believe in educating our staff and patients on the latest state-of-the-art technology and innovations. We will provide you with a variety of resources at your disposal, so you become better assisted with the infertility world.
We take pride in the belief “ patient comes first”. We strive to provide you with the best fertility care, from sustaining the highest medical and scientific standards to supporting you in every phase of your parenthood. We custom design our fertility treatments here at Janani Trichy Fertility centre. Each individual’s protocol is specially designed to ensure that he is receiving the highest quality care.

We monitor this via blood testing and required tests. Our treatment regimen mostly includes minimal stimulation so that we give a gentle and more physiologically supportive experience. Janani Trichy Fertility centre monitor and adjusts treatment protocols to nurture your body’s highest quality eggs, increasing the success rate of IVF.

We are committed to bringing the best futuristic IVF treatment today. We understand that each patient is different, and so are their needs, which means the treatment plan for IVF will also vary depending upon the patient. Our long experience with minimal stimulation IVF has given us deep insights about the customization plan. We also understand the quality of fertility care will affect the outcomes of your pregnancy- that’s why we tend to implement an approach that considers your both physical and emotional state.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the couple with a healthy baby in an ethical way and help the women to deliver the baby normally.

Why should you choose JANANI?

Easy to approach
No batches
In house embryologist
Good quality lab
More no of embryos by IVM


“I offer my heartfelt thanks for the treatment and care my wife received during pregnancy under the careful supervision of Dr Ramani. Dr Ramani and her team at Janani Trichy Fertility centre are very experienced and reliable. She gives personal attention during prenatal, delivery and post-delivery stages.”

“Having a baby for us was a dream but we had been facing major issues and struggling for so long until one of our friends recommended Dr Chitra to us. She really does an amazing job. We had our doubts to go for IVF but she gave us confidence and we went for it. It was our last hope. Thankfully, we were successful and were able to bring our baby girl into this world. My wife and I both are so grateful to Dr Chitra for making this happen. I would certainly recommend her to anybody who is struggling with any kind of condition and is unable to conceive.”

“Their personalised approach to patient care is outstanding. The doctors here sincerely care for his patients without conditions. She is not only excellent at her work but is genuinely a kind and trustworthy doctor. This was my first surgery and thanks to them I faced no complications.”

“My husband and I were unable to conceive even after trying for so many years but today, because of Janani Trichy Fertility Centre and the doctors, we are expecting a baby. They take care of me and the baby and make sure that both of us are healthy. I am so thankful to them for making my dream come true and taking care of my baby."


  • Spacious and Air-conditioned Outpatient waiting Hall
  • Separate Counseling Room
  • Spacious and separate Semen collection Room
  • Air-conditioned IUI Room
  • Proper Ultrasound Follicular monitoring by experts
  • Well-equipped Andrology and IVF lab
  • Modern Tri-Gas Bench Top Incubator
  • ICSI Micromanipulator
  • In-vitro maturation
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Endometrial receptivity Array
  • Good embryo storage facilities
  • Fertility preservation for male


Our IVF lab is one among the few centres in South India to have a modern Tri-Gas Benchtop incubator, the K-SYSTEMS. This innovative Long Term IVF Incubator provides optimal environmental conditions for embryo growth. It also has a unique space-saving stacking system.

ICSI Micromanipulator

RI Integra3 is ultra-responsive and effortlessly smooth, a micromanipulator with thermosafe. Thermosafe is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature.